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Post 01 sie 2012, 9:51

Dostępne są produkty Vipre 2013 w wersji beta

GFI Software is excited to announce the first public preview of the new VIPRE Antivirus 2013 and VIPRE Internet Security 2013. These products have added important new features and improvements in performance and enhanced security.
The following two products are available for beta testing:
VIPRE Antivirus 2013
VIPRE Internet Security 2013
Both products are version 6.0.5381, with installer version 6.0.1464.
What’s New

GFI focused in two areas for VIPRE 2013; first, broadening the scope of protection by including VIPRE Easy Update, and increasing our protection with a new anti-rootkit engine. The other key area is performance; users of VIPRE 2013 will notice improved performance browsing the web and faster scan times.
VIPRE Easy Update (Internet Security only)
Outdated software installed on PC’s is often exploited by malware. One of the best ways to ensure a secure experience is to keep the software on your computer up-to-date. Software vendors fix security issues with their software, and VIPRE Easy Update fetches those updates and applies them to your machine automatically. Easy Update will also let you know if Windows Update is not properly configured and will remedy that with a single click of a button.
Web Filter Improvements (Internet Security only)
The web filter in VIPRE 2013 has been improved to dramatically increase web browsing performance.
New Anti-Rootkit Technology
VIPRE’s advanced anti-rootkit technology has been re-engineered detect and remove even the hardest to detect malware.
Conflicting Application Removal
When the VIPRE Setup program starts, it checks for other installed security software that can often cause problems for the user, including severe slowness and crashes. VIPRE Setup will automatically remove such software, or users can choose to uninstall them manually.
Windows 8 Compatibility
VIPRE 2013 is compatible with Windows 8 Release Preview.
VIPRE Updates
We’ve made it easier to keep VIPRE up-to-date as well, with a new Manage VIPRE Update panel that displays information about that VIPRE software and threat definitions that are being used.
User Experience
VIPRE 2013 improves the main user interface in several places, including the Settings dialog box, additional menu options, improved links to GFI technical support, and shortcut keys to commonly accessed functionality.
Getting the Beta Software

There are 2 ways to get the Beta.

1) Uninstall your VIPRE (make sure to not delete All data files to preserve your settings), reboot and download the version you are interested in from here:

Product: VIPRE Antivirus 2013 (Non-premium)
Product key: 411WM-U6SC2-4FSJ7-Z7XYK-EJ3CR

Product: VIPRE Internet Security 2013 (Premium)
Product key: 405XW-6B3X6-HZ5WW-EH2J2-9998B

2) If you have Beta flag enabled, just wait for the Beta popup and follow the prompts.
Known Issues
As this is a pre-release preview of VIPRE 2013, there are areas of incomplete functionality and problems. Here are some known issues with this release:
International Support
This release is for North American English. Future releases will target other regions and languages.
System Restore and Windows 8
Windows 8 limits the number of restore points that can be made in a particular time period. Users who select “Create a System Restore point” when performing a scan and clean may notice that a restore point was not created.
Documentation Incomplete
As this is an unfinished preview, the documentation is still in progress. The README.TXT file has not yet been updated. We welcome your feedback regarding the quality and quantity of documentation.
Product Key Not Persisted After Conflicting Applications Removed
When running VIPRE Setup, if you enter a product key and the computer is restarted to remove a conflicting application, the entered product key is replaced with a generic trial key. If this happens, open VIPRE, choose Help -> Registration (or press F8) and enter your beta key again. This will be fixed in the final release.
Deletion Messages during Conflicting Application Removal
When VIPRE Setup restarts the computer to remove conflicting applications, the system will display a number of “deleting” messages followed by filenames. This is expected behavior and might change in the final release.
Server Busy Messages
Occasional a message will appear “This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.” We are interested in learning from beta users if this message appears, including as many details as possible about what was being done at the time.
Easy Update Download Fails
Easy Update uses definitions that are frequently updated. However, some third-party software vendors remove or change the location of their updates. In those cases, the update will not be downloaded until the Easy Update definitions are revised.
Easy Update with Open Programs
Some applications cannot be updated by Easy Update if they are open at the time. If a particular update does not install automatically, try closing the application and manually scanning and applying updates.
Easy Update Stops Responding
When an internal error occurs, Easy Update can stop functioning until the machine (or the VIPRE service) is restarted. This will be fixed before the final release.
VIPRE Update Icon
The VIPRE Threat Definitions icon is a placeholder and will be revised in the final release.
Beta Feedback and Support

Please report any problems using our Beta Forums located at the following web address:
For any other questions, please email the Beta Coordinator at the following email address:

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Post 01 sie 2012, 10:39

Przecieram oczy ze dziwienia, bo czy mi się wydaje, że oni nie zmienili wyglądu aplikacji?
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A czy już dodali polską wersje językową? Bo podobno miała się pojawić.
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Post 01 sie 2012, 16:30

Nie dodali i raczej to nie nastąpi...

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