NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro - wersje stabilne i beta
Informacyjnie - nowa wersja testowa, choć sprzed kilku tygodni

Cytat:Here is a new v4.0 (pre-release) test32:

*** Please do not share the download link, we will delete it when we'll release the official v4 ***

Build 32

+ Fixed: The display of the notification dialog when a process is blocked on users that have the sidebar on top, left or right
+ Fixed: After enabling of "Password Protect Power Options" and entering of a wrong password, the "enter password"-dialog should re-appear so the user can enter the password again
+ Fixed: Support for the ESC-key in the "Enter Password"-dialog (= "ESC" dismisses the password-dialog... the same as a click on "Cancel" or "Alt+F4")
+ Fixed: The password-dialog doesn't need to be displayed if the protection mode "isn't actually changed"
+ Fixed: When Right Clicking on the Icon (in the Taskbar) and then selecting Exit, in the Confirm Exit Dialog, the active button is default set to "YES", maybe change it to "NO", so you don't accidentally exit the program
+ Fixed: Add a "Reset Password"-button (hold down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT when you right-click the ERP tray menu to pull up the menu)
+ Added new signers to default list of Trusted Vendors List
+ Minor fixes and improvements

* About the new signers added to Trusted Vendors List:
* Many users have sent us lists of signers extracted from their PCs, so we added most of them to the list, excluding Nir Sofer, TeamViewer, Ask Toolbar, MS-signatures, etc.
* If you find some signers that you think should not be listed there, just let me know.
* All these signers (1000+) should help in reducing alerts.

To install it, first uninstall the previous build, then reboot (not really needed but may help), and install the new build.
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