Comodo Backup 4.0
Nigdy nie uzywalem Backupu i raczej nie mam takiej potrzeby.. nie uzywalem tez tego softu, moze warto o nim zalozyc topic? Szczegolnie, ze dzis wyszla nowa wersja:

Cytat: Hello,

We are happy to announce that COMODO Backup 4.0.6 was released to public.
The new website is available here:

What''s new: (compared to 3.0)
- Automatic scan for certain file types (pictures, documents, music, video) and preview of these file types with the new eye-catchy CBWizard
- 5GB free Online Storage
- Default backup type is incremental
- Cbu file properties in explorer to show extended backup information
- Schedule to run every X minutes
- Success & error email notifications for backup contain log file as attachment (if a log file was specified).
- COS setup is optional to install with CB
- All logs are located in %TEMP%\ComodoLogsFolder (user programs) and \Windows\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder (services) for debugging easier any issues. They should be posted with each bug report.

What''s improved: (compared to 3.0)
- More detailed logging including size of the backup compressed / uncompressed when finished
- All advanced backup/restore settings were grouped in backup/restore step 3
- Descriptive text for error codes encountered during backup / restore
- All strings are translated in all languages except logging strings and some strings in setup. You can help us improve existing translations here.
- Comodo Backup runs by default as invoker. This avoids UAC prompt for each program start.
- Better speed when uploading/downloading via CB Online Storage TAB
- Better speed for file&directories cbu backup / restore
- Improved incremental cbu backup to Online Storage
- Corrupted .cbu files&directories backups can now be restored. If a portion of a backup is corrupted, CB restores as many files as possible

What''s fixed: (compared to 3.0)
- Issues with WinPE
- Issues with 120DPI and other minor issues
- Issues when appending a backup to same backup file (error 90)
- Issues with incremental simple copy
- Memory leak in COSService.exe when backing up large files
- CBU launches very slow
- Setup update & repair issues
- Support for netbook resolution
- Backup which failed for some partitions with unrecognized or without volumes
- Some CBU.exe crashes
- Issues with backup to email and email notification
- Disk priority issue (using other priority than default caused backup speed to be very slow)
- Diagnostic issues when running under limited account or with UAC on
- Some restore options which were not added to the .cbs script
- Check disk running sometimes when "raw read" option was used
- Progress for backup to ZIP
- Installation which stall in some cases
- Mirror(clone) backups which sometimes corrupted the operating system
5gb wolnego miejsca? próbują konkurowac z ubuntu one?

A tak właściwie to co jest bardziej bezpieczne? Ubuntu one czy Comodo backup? Wink
Wyszła wersja 4.0.7
Cytat: Hello,

We are happy to announce that COMODO Backup 4.0.7 was released to public.
This is an update for 4.0 version and it contains improvements and bug fixing.

What''s fixed & improved (compared to 4.0.6)
- CBU.exe crash at startup on some machines
- crashes with COS Service
- reduced memory consumption up to 4 times when performing incremental backup for a large number of files > 200000
- improved logging when performing incremental backup for a large number of files. The program seemed to hang at "Comparing information" step.
- improved CBU.exe startup speed
- error 29 which occurred sometimes when performing second incremental on large files (> 4GB)
- explorer.exe which hanged sometimes when CB and COS are both installed
- Huge memory and speed optimizations in CB Wizard
- Thumbnail previews for more files in CB Wizard
- Misc user interface fixes in CB Wizard.
- some typos for Turkish and German languages (according to feedback) and other typos
- issues with task to run before/after backup in a script file
- fixed abort issue when a chunk is missing during restore. Restore could not be aborted
- CBWizard issue which forced logout during backup operation on Online Storage
- CBWizard crash when creating incremental backups
- The “Register for free” option in the CB Wizard
- CB Wizard detecting files in the Recycle bin
- missing "Unmount" shell extension option
- synchronization issues to COS
- Synchronization service which may have been reported sometimes as not started when start was pending

Known issues:

- CB 4.0.7 is not compatible with COS 2.0.6 and older versions. You should update the COS client to 2.0.7 if you have it installed, otherwise online backup operations won''t work.
- Sometimes the installation may take longer to complete
- Some times there might be a delay when logging into the COS account
- Double-clicking the executable may cause the cbu.exe process to appear without the CB user interface
- CB may crash sometimes when submitting files to the FLS or when elevating with administrator rights ... 897.0.html
Przy kopii zapasowej do pliku zip polskie znaki, w nazwach plików i katalogów, są zastępowane znakiem zapytania "?"...Gdyby nie to to bez wahania bym korzystał z Comodo Backup.

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