Task Explorer - nowy menadżer procesów i zasobów systemu
Pokazało się nowe narzędzie, które ma za zadanie ułatwić zarządzanie  m.in procesami, usługami czy sterownikami w systemie Windows, pozwala także na śledzenie pewnych zmian w czasie rzeczywistym. To projekt autorski o nazwie Task Explorer i jak autor twierdzi jest inspirowany narzędziem o nazwie TaskInfor, którego rozwój porzucono w 2012. Program wykorzystuje do działania biblioteki znanego zapewne wielu z was innego menadżera procesów - Process Hacker.

Autor tak sam określa swój program

Cytat:The UI focuses on expedience and getting real time data of what the system is doing at any given moment. Quick access to information one is interested in is emphasized interesting data are provided in easy to access (as less clicks as possible) panels, with no need to open windows or windows of sub windows. No pressing refresh most data are refreshed continuously. The toolbar provides decently sized graphs providing not just CPU usage but also usage of Objects, handles, network and IO/disk access.

The task info panels show all open handles (including file handles), the current file position is one of the columns what is quite useful to see what is a program actually working on right now disk wise. An other panel shows all open connections/sockets providing also data rate information. The thread panel contains a stack trace for the selected thread giving even more insight in wat the selected application is doing right now.

Program jest w fazie prac nad nim i póki co nie obsługuje systemów 32-bit.

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"Bezpieczeństwo jest podróżą, a nie celem samym w sobie - to nie jest problem, który można rozwiązać raz na zawsze"
"Zaufanie nie stanowi kontroli, a nadzieja nie jest strategią"
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This build focuses on greatly improving the tracking of process starts and display of meaningful process trees. This is accomplished by monitoring the appropriate ETW events and using this information to list short lived processes that otherwise would fall between the refresh intervals of the regular enumeration method.
A new setting "Retain parent Processes" makes task explorer keep terminated processes listed as long as there are still child or (grand,...)grandchild processes running. A new toolbar button allows to quickly switch between a list view and a tree view while retaining the list sort order.
The new build also features other UI improvements most notably a Dark Mode for those who likes it.

Download: https://github.com/DavidXanatos/TaskExpl...s/tag/v1.1

[1.1.0] - 2020-23-01


added Dark Theme Support
added ETW monitoring of the processProvider
-- allows to capture all process cration events henc elisting of very short lived processes
-- using ETW data to set image path and command line when the process closed before we could inspect it
added option to keep processes listed indefinetly as long as thay have still running children.
added functionality to find some types of hidden processes, also usefull to find some already terminated processes
added tool bar button to switch between the tree view and a list view more convinient as the last choose list sort column is remembered


the handle tab is now present twice once as it was and once providing only an open file list


handle types are now sorted properly i.e. "[All]" is first
fixed bug where in the unifyed list view switching to tree view was not possible
fixed issue with some values not being initialized in CWinMainModule
fixed High DPI scaling issues

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