Promocja SecureAPlus - nieaktywne licencje i lifetime
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Cytat:Dear SecureAPlus User,

We initially launched SecureAPlus back in 2014. It looked crude, like something out of the early 2000s, but we strongly believed it was a powerful tool to protect PCs against malware because it did what many others didn’t – it put you back in control.

Five years later, SecureAPlus has evolved into a multi-layered PC security solution with its own AI-powered engine. We even have a mobile app now!

SecureAPlus is where it is today because of you – the early adopter. And yes, we’re counting all of our users to date as early adopters because we are relaunching SecureAPlus with some exciting changes. Simply put, it’s the best security upgrade for any PC with or without an anti-virus.

As thanks to our early adopters, we are upgrading all existing non-expired licenses to paid versions of SecureAPlus when we launch on 25 September. Those with expired or expiring licenses will be converted to SecureAPlus Lite which is now free forever.

Our records show that your Freemium license is either expired or expiring by the time we relaunch. Did you know that you have an existing Premium license (our records show you haven’t used it)? Your license will be upgraded to Pro (worth $29.99 per year) once we relaunch. No extra steps, just a straight-up upgrade for going Premium prior to the relaunch.

I do hope that you start taking advantage of the many Pro features soon.

You can click here to find out what’s new with the relaunch.

I sincerely hope that you make full use of the early adopter perks prior to our relaunch. We’re confident that SecureAPlus is now better than ever and we’d like you to take full advantage of that in the years to come.

Dr. Ngair Teow-Hin
CEO, SecureAge Technology

Zatem, jeśli ktoś ma nieaktywną, badź wygasłą licencję polecam odnowić i mieć "free forever" ;-)

a tu szczegóły:
a jakieś promo dla pro userów ?!
Warstwy ochrony

1)Ograniczenie/blokowanie dostępu do danych/aplikacji
2)Odizolowanie i tworzenie osobnych baz danych/aplikacji
3)Kopia zapasowa systemu/ważnych danych.
4)Wykrywanie i kasowanie wirusów/złośliwych aplikacji.

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