Opera - Temat główny
Ale tak wygląda sytuacja w zasadzie w każdej przeglądarce mobilnej.
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Opera 44.0.2505.0
  • CHR-2879 Bookmarks sync using Chromium sync protocol.
  • CHR-5889 Implement horizontal drag link selection
  • CHR-5895 Added an interface, to allow different implementation of BridgedNativeWidget
  • DNA-57263 Typing https://w into address bar causes DCHECK
  • DNA-58280 [Mac] When opening new tab from other tab’s context menu it opens at the end of tab strip
  • DNA-58601 Check failed: hosts.empty() || profile->IsOffTheRecord() || content::RenderProcessHost::run_renderer_in_process(). Profile still has 1 hosts
  • DNA-58606 Check failed: base::StartsWith(relative_url, “/”, base::CompareCase::SENSITIVE). files/custom_handler_foo.html
  • DNA-58690 Not working preview of the tab in the “Tab menu” when you re-mouseover on that tab in the list
  • DNA-58791 Enable reborn flag on Developer channel + fix opauto tests
  • DNA-58960 WP2 for DNA-58645: Package “all_tests” target using a new packager
  • DNA-59081 Opera 32bit+PGO crashes on Windows
  • DNA-59087 [Macbook with Touch bar] Slow animation when moving speed dials
  • DNA-59102 [Win] Speaker displayed on favicon when detaching a pinned tab
  • DNA-59105 Opera 64-bits still can be installed in “Program Files(x86)”
  • DNA-59107 TextfieldTest.CutCopyPaste failed on Mac
  • DNA-59112 ‘Plug-ins’ should not be visible in ‘O Menu’
  • DNA-59118 [Linux] Crash on startup libbase.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • DNA-59123 Copy&search stopped working after CHR-6027 intake (57.0.2987.19)
  • DNA-59145 [Mac] Remove Plug-ins from Developer menu
  • DNA-59146 [Linux] Remove Plug-ins from Developer menu
  • DNA-59149 Currency converter doesn’t recognize value with a single digit after the last separator character
  • DNA-59175 Navigation to https://self-signed.badssl.com/ not possible with VPN
  • DNA-59176 [Mac] Unable to move tab between two bookmarks in bookmarks bar
  • DNA-59178 [Mac 10.9] Tab title display on top bar
  • DNA-59182 [Mac] Toolbars cut off when sidebar is enabled
  • DNA-59198 Resources generator removes flattenhtml=”true”
  • DNA-59214 [Mac] BridgedContentView does not clear dragging state when widget gained capture
  • DNA-59217 Refactor extension APIs to use TabStripModel rateher than PageViewCollection WP1
  • DNA-59227 [Win] Unable to select/drag text/link on first use
  • DNA-59236 Yet another random build failures due to missing deps.
  • DNA-59242 [Win] TabMenu items are all capitalized
  • DNA-59251 [10.9] Bold border around address bar on internal pages
  • DNA-59253 WP3 for DNA-58645: Upload packages built by both the new and old packaging scripts
  • DNA-59260 Second click opens side bar elements when Messenger open
  • DNA-59261 [Windows] Crash when dragging bookmarks into a folder
  • DNA-59262 [MAC] Facebook Messenger title and buttons are covered
  • DNA-59265 WP1 Reborn Windows Skin – Toolbar
  • DNA-59266 [Mac] Bookmarks removed from top menu
  • DNA-59267 ContentBlockedButtonView::Init() uses invalid nine-patch images
  • DNA-59271 We are missing gpu client creation in main delegates causing gpu process to miss some chrome/ functionality.
  • DNA-59285 Win64 PGO builds fail
  • DNA-59288 [Mac] Crash when clicking the security badge in address field
  • DNA-59300 Search not available from context menus of textboxes
  • DNA-59311 Add extra stat for parent process name & pid
  • DNA-59314 Sync icon yellow for BS_OK when win_unified is used
  • DNA-59332 [Mac] Crash on startup in [TouchBarSpeeddialController reloadNodeSmile2
  • DNA-59366 Enable existing HTTP Accept-Range download metrics
  • DNA-59370 DCHECK on start in BinaryImageSource
  • DNA-59372 Crash at content::RenderWidgetHostViewBase::NotifySelectionTextChanged(content::RenderWidgetHostViewBase*)
  • DNA-59399 Unnecessary vertical line in opera:about

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