QFX KeyScrambler 3.0
Dostępna jest nowa wersja programu KeyScrambler służącego do szyfrowania wpisywanego textu.
Nowa wersja to przede wszystkim pełna obsługa Windows 8 w tymInternet Explorer 10 "Metro" mode.

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Cytat: KeyScrambler 3.0 is released:
All Three Editions:
Fully support Windows 8.
Support Internet Explorer 10, including "Metro" mode.
Have undergone a thorough reengineering and numerous optimizations, which result in the new version''s improved performance and compatibility, reduced resource usage, and more fluid user experience.
The user interface is revised for compactness.
KeyScrambler Personal sees the greatest expansion in coverage:
Supports 29 browsers, including Google Chrome.
No longer requires add-ons to be installed.
Automatically works with latest Firefox version without requiring updates.
KeyScrambler Professional and Premium become the first keystroke encryption program to protect Windows 8 Metro Apps and also
AddGames: Diablo 3, Warcraft 2.
In addition, KeyScrambler Premium:
Supports Windows Explorer in "Metro" mode.
Better support for East Asian languages.
Protects Windows: Command Prompt.
Protects Tax: H&R Block At Home 2012.

Strona programu:

Ukazała się kolejna wersja, 3.6
Zmiany raczej niewielkie:

Po prawie półtorarocznej przerwie ukazała się nowa wersja:

Cytat:What's New in KeyScrambler 3.12
KeyScrambler 3.12 is released on September 8, 2018 with the following changes:
  • Fixes a potential crash in the encryption driver (thanks to TrustWave for the discovery).
  • Temporarily disables Edge support due to a compatibility issue. A new way to support Edge will be coming soon.
The update has also added support for:
  • 3 more Browsers: Avast Secure Browser, Basilisk Browser, Iridium Browser (All editions)
  • 1 more Email and Messaging Program: WeChat for PC (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Password Managers: LastPass Pocket, PWGen (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Gaming Programs: Facebook Gameroom, Garena (Pro and Premium)
  • 5 more Encryption Programs: EncryptStick, Keybase, MikroLock, SafeNet Authentication Client, WinAuth (Premium)
  • 1 more Office Program: Turtl (Premium)
  • 1 more Team Messaging Program: Zoom (Premium)
  • 1 more Windows Feature: Microsoft Management Console (MMC) (Premium)
See the list of all supported programs for KeyScrambler Personal, Pro, and Premium.


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