Comodo Internet Security
(04.08.2017, 19:37)Blade napisał(a): To on w ogóle coś filtruje? Lubię Comodo ale ta opcja to niewypał
Mogliby zrobić porządny skaner http.
Coś tam niby filtruje, ale nie zawsze to co szkodliwe Grin :
[Obrazek: zFcl38h.jpg]

Naprawdę szkoda, że zaniedbali ten moduł... Równie dobrze mogłoby nie być tego komponentujak narazie.
U mnie tej strony ze zrzutu nie blokuje Smile
(04.08.2017, 22:21)Robin07 napisał(a): U mnie tej strony ze zrzutu nie blokuje Smile

To był tylko przykład. Nieraz zdarzało się że comodo blokowało zaufane strony...
Celowo sprawdziłem tę stronę, bo jak tu już padło w tym wątku mam wrażenie, że ta funkcjonalność nie działa.
Mamy pytanie Comodo w trybie cichym wszystko blokuje czy na wszystko zezwala?
Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6294 (Hotfix) Released

Cytat:Hi All,
We are happy to announce release of Comodo Internet Security v6294.

Thank you for checking out RC releases.

Following are changes:
- We have been reviewing Windows preview builds and came across crash in Edge browser in one of Insider Preview builds as pointed here. These changes in Windows 10 could go into RS3 release, which could happen any time mid September, 2017 onwards.
- Crash in Excel in certain scenarios as reported here. Public Bug ID #2278

- If CIS is updated, it will also update Internet Security Essentials(ISE) to latest v94 in case installed in system.
- When you install CIS afresh, Secure Shopping section in it will not have default websites list. You can always configure a new website and will be alerted. At the moment we do not have remember choice option in those alerts and thus was inconvenient.

Setup Details:

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.2M ( 5365960 )
MD5: 7dcfd7ce9ec269ff3765a57a317de4dd
SHA1: 292057f1ad480ba224d8a875de33a601c059d324

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.2M ( 5365960 )
MD5: 6d9741466f446f7e49064faa676fe905
SHA1: 5b187cd05a005825b940db4baf0af34501670df7

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.2M ( 5365960 )
MD5: de62292e0c462f123d7e964323a1b50c
SHA1: 0791936f66970b53cb23cd001b6597bcaf8dfb4c

Offline Setup Details:

Comodo Internet Security Premium (Comodo Firewall + Antivirus Only):
Size: 69.1 MB (72,527,928 bytes)
MD5: f43d1cc3061be4c0e336e00ea99e27d1
SHA1: 80b6c562e75b0b44a1f423788ba4ae0296705b0c

We will release updates to existing users by early next week.

Please stay tuned for next set of changes coming up in September release, that will address some of the usability issues mainly following:
- Improved unblock application interface as per wish list
- Ability to unblock application from auto-sandbox alert itself
- Application incompatibilities seen due prevention against shell code injection feature

Please check it out and share your feedback.

Wiadomo coś na temat programu do backupu od comodo ? Podobno jest coś powstałego ze współpracy z Acronisem.
Chyba tylko dla użytkowników CIS Complete:
Comodo Internet Security v10.0.2.6396 Released

Cytat:Hi All,
We are pleased to announce release of Comodo Internet Security v10.0.2.6396.

We highly appreciate all users, who participated and provided valuable feedback in last RC and BETA releases.

Here is the change list:

AV component optional in offline installer:

There was a request from users, who wanted to have offline installer for Firewall and didn't want to install Antivirus component together.
Now during installation, user can select both or either of the two. Please check enclosed AV_Optional_In_Offline_Installer.png.

Crash Reporting:

In case any CIS component crashes and if user is not participating in sharing application usage and statistics (Option: General Settings-->Logging --> Send anoymous...),
he will see example alert (please see CrashReporting_Alert.png) requesting user to allow to upload crash dump to Comodo server for further analysis. This will enable us to find out crashes in the wild and every release down the road, will include fixes of the same. We introduced this feature in CCAV and has greatly helped.

Automatic Update Download and Installation in Critical Situations:

Considering Windows 10 is evolving very fast, we have seen in recent past that there had been incompatibilities between Comodo and Windows 10.
Even after releasing CIS updates, some of users do not read releases notes and do not update to latest program version, however Windows may update automatically.  This creates a situation where even though we offered update, user declined the update and could run into difficulty.
In order to avoid these situations, we have decided to introduce an option "Automatically install program updates..." under  "Settings --> General Settings --> Updates" section. Please have a look at enclosed AutoInstallUpdates.png. It will be selected by default and if that is selected, updates will be automatically installed and if applicable, user will be requested to re-start system on his convenience. We will use this only in critical situations.

Right click scan to use Cloud (New 'Manual Scan' Profile):

At the moment, right click scan uses settings from "Full Scan" profile, where cloud lookup is disabled by default for performance reasons.
When user right clicks and scans, user really expects file to be thoroughly scanned. So we are introducing "Manual Scan" as a new scan profile with cloud lookup enabled by default.
This new profile "Manual Scan" will be used whenever user right clicks and scans a file or folder. Please check enclosed New_Manual_Scan_Profile.png

Trusted Root Certificate Scan:

In order to protect against Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks, when you run Rating Scan, it will also scan for presence of suspicious root certificates in system.

Optional online access for files on Network:

In order to improve performance of browsing network files, we have introduced a new flag under "Settings-->Antivirus-->Realtime Scan" as  "Enable realtime scanning of files on network".
This allows to control if files on network should be scanned when you browse network folder or copy files network to network i.e. one folder on network to other folder on network. This is de-selected by default for performance reasons. If you want, you can enable and files on network will be scanned upon access just like local files.
In any case if you copy network file to local system, files will be scanned. So this feature is only for files on network.
Additionally, when older version update to this newer version, this flag will remain selected, going forward for new installations, it will be de-selected by default.

Compliant to Cloud Files Feature:

This version is fully compliant with latest Cloud Files Feature introduced in Windows 10 RS3 release.

Improved Auto-Sandbox notification:

Now when an application is auto-sandboxed, notification has an option not to isolate again. Please check enclosed Improved_Auto_Sandbox_Notification.png.

Improved System re-start reminder alert:

Earlier, when alert was shown, it used to steal focus and inadvertently user could end up re-starting system while in the middle of other work.
Now reminder dialog will be shown on top but without being as active window and even if active for some reasons, default active button will be "Postpone".

Improved "Unblock Applications" interface:

Now you have ability to:
- Unblock a blocked application from respective blocked component or from all components.
- You have a Purge button as well to clean up non-existent files related entries.
Please check enclosed Improved_Unblock_Applications_Interface.png

Website Filtering:

- Cloud based threat database: Till last production version we used to have localized malicious url database; This release onwards, we have this database cloud based with support of local heuristic database that's version number you will see in About box.  This database is updated every time AV database is updated.
- Additional malware categories: If you go to "Settings-->Website Filtering" section and try to add a category in a rule, you will see additional categories, which are filled up on the fly and will allow us to add more categories in future without client changes.
- Default behavior for blocked sites as "Ask": If you see default "Blocked Sites" rule, earlier websites in defined categories were set to "Blocked" as default Restriction. Now you can see default value as "Ask". This means now if website is blocked, user will be having option to continue, if he wishes so. Please see enclosed Blocked_By_WebFiltering.png as example blocked page .

Other Changes:
"Scan Exclusions" section has been moved from "Antivirus" section to under "Advanced Protection" and it also has a new tab for "Excluded Certificate Authorities" as may have been added to exception during certificate scan.

"Detect shellcode injections Exclusions" present under "Settings --> Advanced Protection --> Miscellaneous" has been renamed to "Disable shellcode injection detection for these applications" to reflect exactly how it is implemented.

- WDSC status bug as reported here has been fixed.
- If you update to RS3, firewall may not be fully functional and required system re-start as a fix. Issue reported here.

Changes in Secure Shopping (CSS):
This version installs new version of CSS as v1.3.427860.115 with following changes in it:

When CIS is installed, you will see Comodo Secure Shopping shortcut on Desktop. We want to highlight this great feature as user can use it as starting point for secure browsing.

When you launch Secure Shopping, you will see a welcome window. Please see enclosed SecureShoppingWelcomeWindow.png
This is to highlight benefits of Secure Shopping, with check box not to show again selected.

In standalone mode i.e. when Comodo Internet Security is not installed, you will see following changes:
We are avoiding alert model and now if you define a website in Setting, and if website is browsed in supported browser, it will be opened in Secure Shopping environment. Please have a look at enclosed CSS_Setting.png

Following bugs are resolved in this CSS release:
- Crash seen with take-on-mars
- Alert due to Logitech software

Online Setup:
Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.3M (5,498,704 bytes)
MD5: 8480d681cd5ab886934297a0129b9bb4
SHA1: 40b7221ae4ca7dad715d3248d2603f2d2d394a50

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.3M (5,498,704 bytes)
MD5: 604a2afb9e42cf80f895bb663317a179
SHA1: 054b5abcd5d859c98e5ff93aadfc53675fa624db

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.3M (5,498,704 bytes)
MD5: 1ec3594678e9601ab3141b81155f3766
SHA1: 8cf8d8087ee5998b3cc7c44a499c2e1ea935ba87

Offline Setup:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)
Size: 73M (75,511,704 bytes)
MD5: 8f5f179b846df5b38f9c93e82b39fea4
SHA1: 9a531094ed6ea90afd75c0b1f1d1590bfc9823cc

At the moment we have updated for new installations, updates for older CIS versions will be released next week.

In case you want to update older CIS version via program update, please configure test server settings as shown in enclosed Test_Server_Update_Settings.png and you will be able to update to this latest version.

We are going to have continuous CIS releases down the road. Your feedback is very much needed.
Please stay tuned.

Ej ziomki - jak ustawić firewall żeby pytał się czy dopuścić daną apke do neta ?
(02.11.2017, 19:12)Tibu 11 napisał(a): Ej ziomki - jak ustawić firewall żeby pytał się czy dopuścić daną apke do neta ?

Ustawienia --> Zapora Sieciowa --> Reguły Aplikacji

Tu możesz dodawać, modyfikować i usuwać reguły.
Jak przełączysz na niestandardowy zestaw reguł to będzie się pytał nawet jak aplikacja czy proces jest zaufany. Potem możesz sobie dowolnie to kontrolować regułami.
ok, dzięki Smile
Czyżby comodo zabierało się do roboty? Smile
(02.11.2017, 19:12)Tibu 11 napisał(a): Ej ziomki - jak ustawić firewall żeby pytał się czy dopuścić daną apke do neta ?

Najważniejsze jest odznaczenie kratki "Nie pokazuj alertów" w ustawieniach firewalla.
A czy później to jest zestaw własnych reguł czy tryb bezpieczny to jest sprawa podrzędna.
Comodo Internet Security v10.0.2.6408 Released

Cytat:Hi All,
We are happy to announce release of v10.0.2.6408 to all users.

As mentioned before, this update has been released to all users.

Following is change list on top of previously released v6396.

In website filtering, newly imported lists disappears upon re-boot as reported here.

Right click scan is supposed to check AV updates before scanning files as "Manual Scan" option has related flag enabled in settings.

Installation over older version using web installer was failing in previous release.

In Windows 10 RS3, when alert asking action to be taken on unknown installer execution appeared, even if user opted to run with unlimited access, installer ran in Sandbox.

Online Setups:
Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.3M (5,498,096 bytes)
MD5: 9f53d517a7786d487290ace2311f0ac7
SHA1: ee0b36aeed9dc8eaadc12955090488378ad35006

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.3M (5,498,096 bytes)
MD5: aa2d7afdc21c1f3da432a88e4bd3dfd7
SHA1: ac0addca8aa0dc8da410b96b6bde9872a7d12b45

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.3M (5,498,096 bytes)
MD5: d0fa75ca2d160f5061a2c9a4adb14c12
SHA1: 84cb2279a0374d7b61fe1776708b1a98b3c9c7d3

Comodo Offline Installer
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus Only)
Size: 70M (72,792,576 bytes)
MD5: 6a8e02c2bd2500045a0811e0f1e741fc
SHA1: abdbb6d0803735c4b0598e63aada91f4d95d73fd

We appreciate all the feedback and support we received in last weeks during RC and Beta testing.
Please share your feedback if you have updated from last major v6294.

Comodo Internet Security v10.1.0.6474 Released

Cytat:Hi All,
We are happy to announce availability of Comodo Internet Security Premium v10.1.0.6474.
Thank you for all the feedback on last test setups.

We have updated with following production setup links and we will release updates to older version users most likely on 8th Jan, 2018 after seeing further feedback in next days.

In the mean time if anyone wants to update from older version via updater, he can do so using instructions as posted in RC post via test server that has the same v6474.

Online Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.3M (5,513,832 bytes)
MD5: baabd18db4c518a62334e83688a38ef6
SHA1: d28acd2b885f8162beec83fd786e33e1d34b170b

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.3M (5,513,832 bytes)
MD5: 3c2b21e36dd51c3928c704cb58243a12
SHA1: f5e6dbb6399aa31a563828b14721280f2f9f2aba

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.3M (5,513,832 bytes)
MD5: 2035670249e65ff3344fd1836e05e3f2
SHA1: 57f3ecdd157e8e57f21b65adaa6954fefd591393

Offline Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)
Size: 67M (69,666,424 bytes)
MD5: 93acf0d810220dba12ce23aa3fb5ddc0
SHA1: 27b2db3674aa84b84b97db3156203d9575079ef4

System re-store point:
1- CIS will create a system re-store point before installation and update. This change essentially solves the problem of broken installation. In case system restoration doesn't work, we have official uninstaller. So hopefully down the road this problem won't surface again.

2 - Creates QualityCompat key as required by Microsoft Meltdown-Spectre patch KB4056892 upon installation and update. Last production version 6420 is fully compatible with Meltdown-Spectre patch in all operating systems..
3 - Internet Security Essentials (Protection against Man in the Middle attacks) is now optional (selected by default) and can be found in Components section during installation.
4 - GeekBuddy setup is completely removed. It was optional and not selected by default. If you don't have GeekBuddy installed and you access Live support, it will launch Geek Buddy chat window in default browser.
5 - "Manual Scan" scan profile now has heuristic option de-selected by default, same like "Full Scan" profile.
6 - In Rating scan, when you see untrusted certificate listing, name will come from "Issued To" field of certificate rather "Friendly name" section. Trusted Root Certificate are listed by "Issued To" field and thus easier to find.
7 - Due to various incompatibilities, "Enhanced Protection Mode" is removed from HIPS settings

8 - Improvement with file upload issue:
We have had frequent issues with file uploading in CIS and this release aims to fix it for ever, following are changes made:
a) Max file upload limit is set to 128MB
b) There are some client side changes to improve performance of back-end; as updates propagate we should see improvement in file submission

9 - Improved detection of untrusted certificates. In last release we introduced Untrusted Certificate scan in Rating scan. But it could show legit certificate also. In this release we have updated logic and we can avoid showing known trusted certificate as untrusted as stated here. e.g. In this release, you won't see false-detection as reported here. That's the only one exception for now. Please report if you have any legit cases detected and we can put that in exclusion list.

10 - XP BSOD as reported here
11 - Fixed crash as seen while browsing as reported here
12 - Error with Chinese Translation as reported here.
13 - BSOD as reported by 'Huolsam' here.
14 - Sometimes  unknown certificates could not be removed as found during Rating Scan. Issue was reported here.
15 - If you disable "check for database updates" option from "General Settings --> Updates" section, Trusted Vendor List update check will also not be made.

16 - There are multiple crashes fixed as reported via Crash Reporting feature. We will continue to fix submitted crashes in every release going forward. We hope to see improved stability in next releases.

Please give it a try and share your valuable feedback.

Fajnie, że pozbyli się GeekBuddy nie pozbywając się go. Zamiast dodatkowego bloatware link do strony w przeglądarce.
Człowiek, któremu zazdroszczą najlepszych pomysłów na sygnatury...
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