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1.8 wylądował. Skupiono się na nowej historii

New features
Create a new and more advanced history (VB-627)
History panel (VB-25525)
Auto-muting options for tabs (VB-25474)
Add option to set home page to startpage (VB-25082)
Add “Open Link” (in current tab) to document context menu (VB-25175)
Make option for graying/shading hibernated tabs (VB-25337)
More visible highlight to use drop-down (VB-5827)
Allow creating a note from dragged text (VB-25402)
Add “Copy Selection to New Note” menu entry in Notes menu (VB-25379)
Add “Open Image” to image context menu (VB-25883)
Add new tab introducing to new features on update (VB-26270)
Context menu for image searching is needed (VB-13533)
Uninstall should open an uninstall page to help find out how Vivaldi can be improved (VB-26219)
[Windows] Allow notifications of new versions even if Vivaldi is not running
[New feature][Windows][Settings] Add a preference to enable or disable auto-update (VB-25880)
[Mac] Crash using drop-down list in the options of extension ImprovedTube (VB-25511)
[Linux] Increase the reliability of working proprietary media (H.264/AAC/MP3) on Ubuntu (VB-26379)
Address field
Copy and cut encoded option in address bar setting is not respected (VB-26057)
Display help text/placeholder in URL bar (VB-26149)
First suggestion looks selected by default in the search field (VB-26096)
URL auto-complete does not consider typed history (VB-20375)
Different behaviors in Bookmarks Bar after right/left click (VB-25806)
Search results are removed (VB-26034)
Editor in panel does not open when creating new item (VB-26596)
Always show details in the panel (VB-23752)
Convert character correctly using Korean IME (VB-25920)
Disable attachment buttons when no Note is focused (VB-25885)
Enter text to search for a note. Close panel and open => Search text is present but results are forgotten (VB-26052)
Folder name is not updated when switching between folders (VB-26084)
Folder name not working with Korean (VB-26060)
Screenshots open in active tab (VB-23244)
Allow disabling of Widevine (VB-26423)
Allow disabling of Flash (VB-24611)
Allow disabling of the internal PDF viewer (VB-24617)
Prevent focus from jumping when changing homepage setting (VB-26088)
Other changes
[A11y] Keyboard inaccessible Address Bar buttons (VB-25818)
[Reader] View button in address field fails when translated (VB-25861)
[Search field] Down key to open search engines list (VB-26098)
[Search field] Dragging text from address bar to search bar works (VB-26134
[Speed Dial] “Add Bookmark to Speed Dial” action always pre-fills last URL (VB-25860)
[Themes] Audio icon appears white with tabs on left/right side when in dark theme (VB-20846)
The new download confirmation dialog appears in all windows but disappears only in one (VB-23250)
Tabs should be marked as hibernated on cloning and optionally on startup (VB-24360)
Allow defining many TLDs for Ctrl+Enter expansion and cycling through them (VB-25031)
Reader mode grabs focus while navigating UI with Tab (VB-25179)
Populate Find in Page dialog with current page text selection (VB-25302)
Scroll to top/bottom gesture not working after reopen closed tab (VB-25306)
URL auto-complete does not consider Typed history with Prefer Bookmarks on (VB-25477)
[New feature] Allow for easier text selection within a link: bundle Select-Like-A-Boss (VB-9048)
Keyboard settings labels overflow (VB-25640)
Let Clear Private Data dialog remember state (VB-25581)
Confirm opening bookmarks over maximum did not work when hitting return button (VB-25798)
Drop-downs should handle modifier/middle click (VB-25826)
Find in page text overlap (VB-4941)
Find in page gets focused on some pages (VB-26160)
Let free area of panel bar accept drags to create web panel (VB-26076)
Put imported notes from Opera 12 in the main notes node, not the root node (VB-25809)
Remove full-screen entry from panel context menu (VB-26104)
Search Suggest URLs get copied between search engines in some cases (VB-25587)
Vivaldi crashes when deleting an app from Web Panel (VB-25867)
Auto-update window flickering (VB-25887)
Changing tabs by scrolling doesn’t work with vertical tabs in overflow (VB-19062)
POST does not send data to new tab (VB-25688)
Audio icon is black when small (VB-26436)
“Open” action in document context menu is the first menu item (VB-26563)
vivaldi://newtab shows Google page (VB-3112)
“Clear download list” button inactive after restart of Vivaldi (VB-26083)
Remove document context menu entries that do not work in web panels (VB-26196)
Remember scroll position in bookmarks, history, etc. (VB-26724)
Can’t write articles on lie to Medium and pretend to be Chrome (VB-25010)
Unable to unpin tabs by keyboard shortcut (VB-24177)
Bookmark properties cleared when preview is updated (VB-24725)
Crash in notification pop-up; when selecting allow/deny (VB-26626)
Updated Chromium to 57.0.2987.111
Jakaś fajna wtyczka co czyści pamieć podręczną danej strony po zamknięciu zakładki ?
Warstwy ochrony

1)Ograniczenie/blokowanie dostępu do danych/aplikacji
2)Odizolowanie i tworzenie osobnych baz danych/aplikacji
3)Kopia zapasowa systemu/ważnych danych.
4)Wykrywanie i kasowanie wirusów/złośliwych aplikacji.
1.11 Wylądowała:

Changelog from 1.10 to 1.11

New Features
Reader mode configuration (VB-29002)
Configurable gesture sensitivity (VB-30408)
Disable GIF animations by setting (VB-16320)
Optional Speed Dial buttons (VB-13687)
Update Vivaldi application icon and Windows installer backgrounds (VB-29965)
[Mac] Add “Show|Hide” to View menu items (VB-28941)
[Mac] Gestures don’t work in Settings in a tab (VB-20258)
[Mac] Media crash (VB-29267)
[Windows] Context menu after gesture on SD page (VB-20743)
[Windows] “Open file with… ” message on start-up (VB-28604)
Address Field
Ctrl+Z does not reverse cutting content (VB-29135)
Improve search in URL field for drop-down filtering (VB-18556)
Paste and go does not work if the address bar is hidden (VB-29759)
Sometimes deleted characters get autocompleted (VB-29692)
Text selection cursor position is wrong (VB-29755)
[Windows] Audio stops playing after a while (VB-29546)
[Windows] Audio takes ages to start up (VB-29699)
[Windows] Support video/mpeg4 (VB-27459)
Proprietary media served with wrong unsupported mime type fails to play (VB-29504)
Permission dialogs for media and notification fails to open (VB-29799)
Allow more fine-grained Themes color control (VB-29456)
Color changes does not auto-save when edited by keyboard (VB-29581)
Developer Tools
Restore the title of the undocked developer tools due to external tools (VB-29386)
Undocked developer tools do not work for internal pages (VB-29360)
Developer tools shortcuts are conflicting with Vivaldi ones (VB-27893)
Selecting standalone install mode does not always work (VB-30397)
Completed standalone install can open all user install (VB-30001)
Spatial navigation
Spatial navigation does not remember last position (VB-28965)
Spatial navigation cursor ↓ moves focus (VB-30263)
Tab bar
Tab bar disappears in fullscreen video (VB-29418)
Tab bar resize performance (VB-29510)
Other fixes
[Notes] Content does not display and can be lost (VB-29658)
[Bookmarks] Search in bookmarks does not find extra characters like brackets (VB-29588)
[Search Engines] Update moves modified engines towards end of list (VB-29828)
[Settings] Going from Display All to Keyboard doesn’t change the settings content (VB-29771)
Settings search is not working for Toolbar (VB-29332)
Search nicknames should be lowercase (VB-30642)
[Speed Dials] If custom thumbnail has been used and cleared, it does not revert back to the generated thumbnail (VB-29384)
Accept text/plain as drag type for web panels (VB-29303)
Back button drop-down does not appear on Speed Dial (VB-30052)
Changing extension icon problem (VB-22413)
Find in Page covers scrollbar (VB-29921)
Have Popup in Tab off by default (VB-29742)
Hidden control has focus in App Updater (VB-29273)
Missing Windows 8 icons and tiles (VB-29965)
Permissions are not asked for when a permission is used (VB-29930)
Provide a way to unfocus a select field by keyboard (VB-28140)
Sort typed history based on time, not length (VB-28939)
Suppress autocompletion if typed matches domain or ends with a slash (VB-27956)
The update notifier should check for updates when it’s launched (VB-29339)
Unread tab indicator contrast adjustments (VB-12813)
Vivaldi does not update search engines nor does it add new ones on previous installations (VB-28151)
Vivaldi installed on a virtual drive cannot be updated correctly (VB-29793)
Web panel context menu (VB-23465)
Wrong extension behaviour between private and non-private window (VB-28010)
% becomes %25 when searched from address bar or field (VB-30266)
Updated translations
Updated Chromium to 60.0.3112.91
Pierwszy build z synchronizacją...
v 1.14
v 1.15
Vivaldi v2.0.1309.29

Więcej info na:

1 zmiany jakie zaobserwowałem to inne style i kolorystyki w opcjach brak mojej ulubionej oliwkowej
Ale można zmienić sameu więc tutaj macie parametry Grin

tło: daded3
1 plan: 192419
Podkreślenie: ff7700
Akcent: 566e49
Warstwy ochrony

1)Ograniczenie/blokowanie dostępu do danych/aplikacji
2)Odizolowanie i tworzenie osobnych baz danych/aplikacji
3)Kopia zapasowa systemu/ważnych danych.
4)Wykrywanie i kasowanie wirusów/złośliwych aplikacji.
To mi się BAARDZO PRZYDA Też lubie oliwke
Dziękuję za wskazówki,chyba ta poprzednia oliwka była ciut inna..ale może się mylę..
zainstalowałem specjalnie starą wersje w vmware aby dane przepisać.
Ale chyba wiem o co ci chodzi musisz wejść w opcje motywu i tam pod dołem przy palecie kolorów
"Zastosuj akcent aktywnej strony"
"Zastosuj akcent do ramki okna"

Zaokrąglenie rogów było 3px ale mi sie znudziły kanciate okna i dałem 14px nawet fajnie wygląda takie małe szaleństwo w ciągu dnia Grin
Warstwy ochrony

1)Ograniczenie/blokowanie dostępu do danych/aplikacji
2)Odizolowanie i tworzenie osobnych baz danych/aplikacji
3)Kopia zapasowa systemu/ważnych danych.
4)Wykrywanie i kasowanie wirusów/złośliwych aplikacji.

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