WinPatrol 25.0.2012.1 :

Lista zmian:
* Fixed repeating Uninstall warnings.
* Fixed checkbox used to disable "Automatically run WinPatrol" option.

WinPatrol 25.0.2012.5
Cytat: Fixed repeating Uninstall warnings.
Repositioned text fields being cut off.
Warto dodać iż producent programu udostępnia również specjalny uninstaler winpatrol Smile Warto użyć go przed instalacją nowszej wersji

WinPatrol Removal Program dostępny jest pod tym linkiem
ESET Smart Security 10
Cytat: WinPatrol 26.0.2013 for Windows 8

December 10th, 2012

Since before the release of Windows 8 I’ve had more emails than you might think asking if WinPatrol was compatible with Windows 8. Like most existing programs, WinPatrol isn’t available for Windows 8 RT but it has been running smoothly since early preview versions of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. There has been some confusion about security related programs so many WinPatrol early adopters have written to be sure we’re compatible.

WinPatrol has never worked like a traditional security application so it has been running fine on Windows 8 machines. I’ve heard from folks with brand new computers saying Scotty has been very helpful removing unnecessary pre-installed crapware. Computer companies are paid to include software that runs on Startup. In many cases they are not full versions and often cause problems when they expire. These programs will appear in WinPatrol’s list of Startup Programs where PLUS members can verify their purpose. Once these programs are removed by WinPatrol your new computer will certainly start quicker and often run noticeably faster.

Naturally, we have tweaked a few things to make sure WinPatrol continues to work its best. Many changes are minor but required due to new Windows 8 conventions. One example is how cookies are stored by Internet Explorer 10. While Microsoft doesn’t support or encourage 3rd party cookie managers, WinPatrol has been successful in helping remove unwanted tracking files.The cookie folder used to contain a file index.dat which Microsoft renamed to be container.dat. This broke cookie handling but like other minor changes a little tweak and we’re back to normal.

WinPatrol 2013 works as you’d expect and with your support I’ll be adding some Windows 8 specific features as they are needed and/or suggested.


Cytat: Hackers Steal WinPatrol Data Already Available

What was first thought to be a problem in last week’s Windows Update turned out to be a targeted hacker attack of WinPatrol data files.
The timing of the attack(Tuesday, Feb 26th at 17:44 PM EST)coincided with a new Windows Update. Many who experienced unusual behavior from WinPatrol had also just updated Java and/or Adobe Flash so they were also included in the list of usual suspects.

While the hackers may have been looking for user passwords, Email addresses or credit card numbers they were able to steal statistical data describing which programs remain popular or unpopular on Windows machines. The data is collected when a WinPatrol user decides to keep or remove a program which has been detected in a critical system location.

The following is an example of data collected by WinPatrol based on decisions made when a particular file, “Adobe PDF Helper” is added to the list of programs loaded with Internet Explorer. The first number represents requests by WinPatrol PLUS members asking “What the heck is this file?”. The 2nd indicates users clicking “Yes, I’ll keep this” when notified the file was added. The 3rd larger number represents how many times WinPatrol users rejected this file and did not want it loaded when they browsed the Internet. The remaining numbers result from an optional survey doesn’t appear to be a popular since it requires participation.

[Obrazek: acroexample.jpg]

The goal of this statistical data is to help WinPatrol PLUS member make decisions on if they want to keep a program which in some cases may slow their system down. While this example is from an IE Helper or Brower Helper Object most data relates to programs which are set to always run after the computer starts.

This data is valuable as a whole but is just one feature available by upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS for only $29.95. While the hackers didn’t find any valuable payload, they did cause the software to crash any time a change occurred worth sharing. While BillP Studios worked long hours providing an immediate solution to those who reported problems we carefully evaluated each report to confirm a permanent solution would be found. Today a new version, WinPatrol 27.0.2013 is now available.

Like many small companies BillP Studios uses 3rd party companies like PayPal who specialize in eCommerce. Even when credit card numbers are included, BillP Studios securely deletes personal data after 30 days. We are required to save some information for the IRS and reports of foreign sales. These files do not include individual data and are stored on a system not connected to the network.

We were prepared for this kind of attack and except for individual software failures our preparation worked. At no time were any Email addresses, personal addresses or credit name numbers stolen or even at risk. It was still a wake up call and should be for anyone running a small business.

The new WinPatrol 27.0.2013 includes a few new features that were previously in the plans but I also trained Scotty to behave even more gracefully in case of failure. Future development will continue this trend so in the case of a crash no other programs will be affected.

One long requested feature will come in handy if we have any problems in the future. While I’m not a fan of auto updating software WinPatrol users will now be notified when new versions are released.

[Obrazek: upgradenewversion.jpg]

For more information on the new WinPatrol go to

I’d especially like to thank everyone for their patience and to many who took the time to include screen shots and details with their Emails to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->. This information was critical in keeping me from being distracted by unlikely causes and helped me track down the root of this problem.

Download WinPatrol 27.0.2013

Ludzie a jak zainstalować to spolszczenie ?
Immunet - PC Tools  Firewall Plus
Klikasz na nie 2 razy i to wszystko
Sorry ale nie kumam
Immunet - PC Tools  Firewall Plus
Masz plik .reg jest to plik rejestru po 2 krotnym kliknięciu na niego system spyta czy dodać do rejestru zatwierdzasz i program powinien być po polsku.
Dzieki nie wiedziałem jak zapisać plik.reg ale juz ok
Immunet - PC Tools  Firewall Plus
Wczoraj ukazała się nowa wersja znanego programu IDS - WinPatrol28.0.2013 . lista zmian za producentem
* WinPatrol Maintenence and Reset Tool

[Obrazek: wp28-tools.jpg]

Under the PLUS tab, you''ll find About/Version information along with your way to activate WinPatrol PLUS once you purchase a lifetime Name and PLUS code. You''ll also find a search box so you can look up PLUS Information on files even if they aren''t found in any of your lists. This can be used when you want to help a friend find out more about a mystery file on their computer.

There''s also a "Reset" link previously used to initialize the PLUS name and code. The clickable Reset link has been expanded to provide useful tools created based on email questions from WinPatrol users.For details on each tool the help button will open the following information...

* Windows Services -Automatic (Delayed Start)

One of the possible startup values for Windows Services is Automatic but with Delayed Start. WinPatrol now supports versions of Window and displays the Delayed Start option when available WinPatrol also allows Services to be managed so you can include this option when appropriate.

* User Interface Improvements

Alert screens have been updated to be less annoying and provide most effective information.Readability has been improved with icons moved to the right side and some buttons have more descriptive text.Nobody likes alert windows and under normal use you''ll never see an Alert message. When you do, WinPatrol will help you decide if a change is required and do what it can to reduce repeating alerts. We''ve found that 8 out of 10 programs which fight efforts to be removed from the Startup list are legitimate programs, usually designed to provide dangerous automatic updates. [/b]

* Registration Improvements

When installing WinPatrol you''ll be asked to supply your name, country and email. This information is used for statistical reasons to help BillP Studios understand the rate WinPatrol is installed, how installations react to promotions and especially how we can make WinPatrol PLUS the best possible value. Your name and email is used as a unique identifier and also helps to quickly find any requested PLUS codes that may be lost..

Anyone concerned about privacy didn''t have to provide their truthful information but still had to fill in the form to continue.. Even though it''s a standard practice to request registration for free software we don''t want to alienate any fans of WinPatrol.
Version 28.0 found a new way to provide the same statistics without requiring a name or Email. All registration information is now optional.

* Improved Handling of Invalid Filenames

When programs are uninstalled poorly there can often be left over characters or spaces that frequently trigger WinPatrol alerts that contain no information. This version reduces the possibility of corrupted filenames.

Better Display when File Does Not Exist

Much of the information displayed by WinPatrol comes from registry and our goal is to let users see what''s in the registry without having to know how to use regedit.exe. In some cases, programs have been registered but the file no longer exists. Often other security software removes the file but doesn''t update registry pointers. This version make it more obvious when a file no longer exists and is no possible threat.

"Bezpieczeństwo jest podróżą, a nie celem samym w sobie - to nie jest problem, który można rozwiązać raz na zawsze"
"Zaufanie nie stanowi kontroli, a nadzieja nie jest strategią"
WinPatrol 28.1.2013

This update provides enhancements and fixes to version 28.

Allows WinPatrol to start for current user or all users.
Reduced monitoring during all sleep states to save battery usage.
Fixed Reset function to remove duplicate Scotty icons.
Fixed Reset function to remove duplicate Uninstall entries.
Speeds up real-time detection.
Fixed bug in system tray icon behavior that could have produce unknown results.
Improved handling of repeating changes made by partner programs.
Fixed "Automatically Run WinPatrol..." option so it doesn''t always launch on boot

Trochę przegapiliśmy aktualizacje tego świetnego programu.

Najnowsza wersja to 29.1.2013.0

Cytat: Artificial Intelligence Security
* This new feature will increase WinPatrol''s value exponentially over time. It will also be accessible for our future apps like Task Catcher "Extreme" and other partners interested in licensing the technology. Unlike the Optional sharing of choices used on our Community Info pages, all A.I. Security data is kept private on your machine.
Testing of Task Catcher Extreme is restricted to current Task Catcher customers and/or BillP Studio Associates who agree to a strict NDA. Still in development our WinPatrol-Powered A.I.S.provides the 3rd generation of unique ideas created by BillP Studios to detect and stop dangerous new threats without crippling your computer.
We believe a passive approach can still be used to detect and shut down instant attacks like Cryptolocker. We''re seeing a trend in threats that remain in memory instead of becoming resident in the Windows registry or hard drive. These attacks will not be detected by most traditional Anti-Virus programs.

Improvements and Bug Reports
* Semi-Transparent Alert messages on Windows 8 make Scotty less intrusive.
* Manifest file updated to support presistant WinPatrol window size and positions when using alternate DPI settings.
* Improvements to our Active Task List and more success Killing of active tasks using multi-selection standards.
* Introduction of new triggers to increase performance by reducing redundant monitoring(PLUS Only)
* Improved performance of change detection on our free version.
* Improved screen UI and description when a change is detected for the Windows Update settings.
( Did you know WinPatrol monitored changes to the Windows Update? )
* The default setting for File Explorer integration is now disabled. It''s been pointed out that a large number of programs taking advantage of the right-click context menu wthout asking. We also don''t want to seem like we''re nagging users to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS.

Dla mnie zagadkowe jest to rozwiązanie pod nazwą "Artificial Intelligence Security" początku skojarzyło mi się z analizą w chmurze, ale jest wyraźnie napisane, ze dane są przechowywane na dysku użytkownika
Cytat: Unlike the Optional sharing of choices used on our Community Info pages, all A.I. Security data is kept private on your machine.

Sugeruje mi to jakiś nowy mechanizm w stylu analizy heurystycznej...może behawioralnej?
"Bezpieczeństwo jest podróżą, a nie celem samym w sobie - to nie jest problem, który można rozwiązać raz na zawsze"
"Zaufanie nie stanowi kontroli, a nadzieja nie jest strategią"
He, a pomyśleć że mój NNHIDS miał być darmowym odpowiednikiem Winpatrol ;]
Eugeniusz napisał(a):He, a pomyśleć że mój NNHIDS miał być darmowym odpowiednikiem Winpatrol ;]

To co?...wniosek jest chyba jeden...wracasz do tematu? Wink
"Bezpieczeństwo jest podróżą, a nie celem samym w sobie - to nie jest problem, który można rozwiązać raz na zawsze"
"Zaufanie nie stanowi kontroli, a nadzieja nie jest strategią"
W sumie jestem ciekaw tego projektu Gieniu. Pisz dalej Smile
Mam licencję na ten program, ale szczerze mówiąc to oprócz "szczekania" w momencie wywołania z traya nie przychodzi mi do głowy do czego on właściwie służy.
"Jak to mówi premier Pawlak - uszczknąć sobie"
Norton ConnectSafe®
WinPatrol to taki menadżer procesów/usług/autostartu działający w tle...właściwie wszystkie tego typu zadania, które realizuje można znaleźć w narzędziach takich jak Autoruns, ProcessExplorer, System Explorer, AnVir Task, Process Lasso...tylko one nie muszą działać w tle. Ktoś chce i potrzebuje mieć "wszystko w jednym" może sobie WP zainstalować i mieć narzędzie raczej podstawowe, ale do jakiejś bardziej zaawansowanej ochrony się on wg mnie nie nadaje.
"Bezpieczeństwo jest podróżą, a nie celem samym w sobie - to nie jest problem, który można rozwiązać raz na zawsze"
"Zaufanie nie stanowi kontroli, a nadzieja nie jest strategią"
Mamy zapowiedź nowej wersji ze zmienionym interfejsem...widać niżej...oraz na razie nie sprecyzowaną zmianą we własnym silniku nadzorującym zachowanie aplikacji
Cytat: Update: WinPatrol 2014 Preview is still expected to be released this week but our launch party is being delayed so testing of all current features have been fully completed. Thank you for your interest and sharing our excitement.

We''ve updated our Real-time infiltration Detectionto the friendiest, useful, most powerful version in years. The list of settings protected by WinPatrol has grown so large that any change generates more alerts then anyone needs to manage. WinPatrol now provides a single notification with plenty of information. Scotty will use your response along with his experience to handle changes caused by a single install or malware event.

[Obrazek: winpatrol2014preview.jpg]
"Bezpieczeństwo jest podróżą, a nie celem samym w sobie - to nie jest problem, który można rozwiązać raz na zawsze"
"Zaufanie nie stanowi kontroli, a nadzieja nie jest strategią"

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